Money Crunch!

At A Glance - Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: To motivate and help young working adults to gain investment skill and plan for a secure financial future through retirement.


Goal 2: To engage employers in creating a culture of support through provision of work site investment education as well as financial planning and savings incentives.


Goal 3: To strengthen the capacity of Extension and other educators to effectively work with employers and employees to implement investment education at the work site.


At A Glance - Concepts

At A Glance - Target Audience

Young Employees. The project will primarily target youn employees in the 18-24 year old age range at work sites in the states of Florida, Kansas, Kentucky and Tennessee. Young employees will represent diverse literacy and income levels.

Employers. Secondary audiences will be employers, military, human resourc and employee credit union personnel who will be engaged in project development, support and information delivery at work site locations.

Educators. Local educators will participate in program implementation and evaluation.

Suggested Industries and Audiences

At A Glance - Evaluation Methods